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ChimneyMate in 2011

My chimney sweeping career began soon after I moved to into a Victorian terraced house with an open fireplace. One cold evening I decided to light up a fire and all seemed great until later that night when I went to bed. There was a smokey haze in the bedroom and I had a night of strange dreams, presumably as I breathed in carbon monoxide. Following this I took professional advice from a chimney sweep and discovered there was a concrete slab where the pot should have been and the chimney was also in desperate need of a sweep.


Inspired, I went on to receive training and qualifications from the National Association of Chimney Sweeps and soon after was accredited by HETAS to install log burners, open fires, fit chimney liners and twin wall flues.  At the last count had swept over 3000 chimneys and fitted over 300 wood and multi fuel burning stoves. 


I  have also helped with countless chimney related problems. Please call with your own chimney problems or dreams. I am happy to provide free advice or come for a free no obligation inspection / quote. Or just call to book in for a routine sweep.


I am fully insured and provide certificates approved by the national association of chimney sweeps or HETAS. 

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