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Q. Does having my chimney swept make a mess?

A. There is a sheet with a hole for the brush covering the open fire or wood burner, a vacuum nozzle is placed inside the appliance and sheets covering the local area, so rarely is there any mess. Customers are often surprised how clean the process is.

Q. Can I burn wood in Bristol or Bath?

A. Yes, you are allowed to burn wood with a DEFRA approved appliance. You can also burn wood in your garden if your not causing a nuisance!

Q. How much does it cost to have a wood burner fitted?

A. This can vary a lot, but assuming your alcove is ready to accommodate the woodburner and you have an average height house then about £1000 - £1300+ vat. Includes liner, cowl, HETAS registration and everything else you need apart from the wood or multi fuel stove itself.

Q. How much does a wood burner or multi fuel stove cost?

A. Again this can vary significantly. But a good DEFRA approved stove can be bought for as little as £450

Q. When is the best time to have my chimney swept?

A. Anytime is good! and always better than never. But for the shortest waits then Spring and Summer are best.

Q. Is a chimney liner compulsory?

A. No, the integrity of your chimney can be tested. If it is found to be in good condition, and does not leak, then it is not always necessary and can still meet building regs. Although there are a number of advantages from having a chimney liner.

Q. How often should I have my chimney swept

A. At least once a year

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